A personalized diabetes management program with one-on-one coaching

Living with diabetes can be challenging. One day a solution works, the next day it doesn’t. Just like in other parts of life, the right coach can help. Research shows that patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare are predicted to experience better outcomes and incur lower costs. (1)

The Diabetes Health Partnership program gives a participant access to a certified diabetes educator who will act as a health coach selected specifically for that individual, to help them live a fuller, healthier life. The participant also receives helpful tools to use with their coach during the program.


Each participant is paired with a health coach ready to help


Program designed to meet each individual’s unique needs


Email and mobile reminders to help participants reach their goals


Easy-to-use health management tools to use with an individual’s coach and doctors


Connected device to track glucose and other health stats

Diabetes is a costly condition that’s only expected to grow


Patients with diabetes that don’t meet the goal of an A1C of 7% or less, reflecting the need for improved patient activation and self- management. (2)


Uncontrolled diabetes drives other costs. As if having diabetes wasn’t hard enough, individuals with diabetes often have other costly chronic conditions to manage as well.

1% of patients account for 21% of U.S. healthcare costs. (3)


Controlled vs. Uncontrolled diabetes average annual cost



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